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A little help with the struggle

Our culture is a difficult one for men to try to keep their hearts and minds pure.  Everywhere you look, men can be tempted by sexual images and descriptions of women. Television, movies, the internet… Everywhere. 

One Christian website that I often visit has pictures in each story.  They appear to be stock photos that you can buy off the internet or in packages of thousands of topics.  The website just picks one or two that matchwhatever the topic is of the article. 

What’s frustrating is that all of the women are thin, beautiful and attractive.  The men, likewise are athletic and handsome.  There are no fat people, odd looking people, people with hair out of place or with no hair.  Just like EVERY man and woman I know.  Right.

It’s nothing new, really. Look at David of the Old Testament.  He was tempted by the view of a beautiful woman (Bathsheba) and it cost him, her and her husband dearly.  The Ten Commandments tell us not to commit adultery.  Jesus then tells us that if we look at a woman with lust, we have committed adultery. It’s not easy being a man in this culture.

And yet, we as men are wired to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation in women.  The struggle is in how to handle it.

A very successful program that helps men with this issue is Every Man’s Battle.   Their website, seminars and books provide insight and a plan that can help sort out how to deal with this over saturation of sexual imagery in our culture.  The book, Every Man’s Battle, by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker is a best seller.

In addition to the original Every Man’s Battle book, there are several others in the series dealing with issues for young men, women, young women, marriage, singles, and dealing with an affair. 

So, there is some really good stuff out there available for helping us men in the battle of sexual temptation. Take advantage of it.


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New HFN Website Coming Soon

The Homeschool Father’s Network will soon post our new website.  As a part of the growth of the network, our new website will provide a comprehensive location for fathers to find answers about issues related to their role as a homeschooling father.

This blog will continue, as a part of the new website, offering thoughts and tidbits of useful information.  The website will take the concept from tidbits to details in an effort to provide homeschooled students with the best equipped fathers possible.

Watch over the next few weeks as the new website goes live.

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Financial Snapshot: Insurance Review

Something that is easy to do, but also easy to forget is to review your insurance coverage.  Home, life, auto, business, health, etc. Schedule a review with your agent to ensure that you have the proper coverage for your current situation.  No need to pay for more than you need, but you also don’t want to be under-covered. As a part of the process, be sure to update the beneficiaries on your life insurance plans if needed.

I try to review coverage every six months or so.  I schedule it in Outlook and make it a part of my annual financial calendar. Sometimes, nothing needs to be changed, but looking it over a couple of times a year ensures that I am current.

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