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Today is the day. The Giants and the Patriots. Or the Patriots and the Giants. Either way, the big game is upon us.

I am not much of a fan of pro football and probably won’t watch the game. Even the celebrated commercials won’t pull me in.  I don’t know anyone who is having a party, or at least they didn’t invite me if they are.  All of which is fine.

What I find interesting about the Superbowl, however, is the amount of effort that ordinary Americans put into it.  The parties, the… well, everything.  It’s a cultural spectacle.

It got me thinking about how much time we as fathers put into celebrating our families.  When was the last time you had a blowout party for your family?  A birthday?  New Year’s?

Me neither. At least not like people celebrate the Superbowl.  So, what stopping us?

Why not take some time this year to celebrate your family?  Have a big party, like the Superbowl.  And let us know how it goes.



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