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Protection: Legal Issues

One of the key responsibilities for any father, homeschooling family or not, is to provide for the protection of his family. One not often thought of when considering protection is legal protection. As homeschooling families, we are frequently under suspicion and/or accusation by people not familiar with homeschooling and the legal right to do so.

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is an organization that is well worth the investment as a part of your homeschool budget.  Providing legal analysis, representation and consultation for many years, HSLDA is a critical component to the homeschool movement.

HSLDA provides a state by state analysis of homeschooling laws and regulations, keeps tabs on any governmental issues related to homeschooling and provides legal counsel in situations where appropriate to member families.

Even for families where mom or dad is an attorney, the amount of time it takes to keep up on all of the issues related to homeschooling can be burdensome. Having HSLDA watch for those issues and keep you informed – as well as provide legal support when you need it – is well worth it.

HFN strongly recommends that homeschool families join HSLDA.


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